We use electromechanical drain cleaning equipment

Why use the electromechanical drain cleaning method?

  • The conventional drain rod system only partially clears the drain, it is not flexible to follow bends and curves in the drain, and it can also get stuck in your drain, just to mention a few reasons.

  • With our Electro Mechanical drain cleaning machine, which use Flexible drain rods we can negotiate any bends in your drain system.

  • The various blades types fits perfectly in the drain pipe without the cutting edge touching the walls of the pipe.

  • 100% drain clearing, with 14 day unconditional limited guarantee. (see guarantee under terms and conditions)

  • We use various specialized blades for removing various obstructions like, roots, fat, grease, mud and includes cable retrievers (special blades) for removing drain rods or other obstructive objects.

  • For domestic, commercial and industrial jobs from 25mm to 150mm diameter (Ø), including underground sewers, bath basin and kitchen waste.


Client tips on saving money.

  • Ensure all drain inspection lids are readily accessible.

  • Inform contractor of frequency of drain blockages

  • Inform contractor of possible problem areas


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